About Goodey Studio because everything you own should inspire you to have fun and conquer the world!

About the Team 

Kaitlin Goodey

The leading lady behind all the sassy and colorful illustrations is Kaitlin Goodey who is one badass lady. Embracing her loud, strong and passionate personality is how Goodey Studio came to be. Pairing her love for creative expression, passion for business, and desire to help others, she works hard to design new products that you will love! For a unique personal touch, all the artwork is hand painted by Kaitlin in her vibrant home studio.

Nathan Goodey

Nathan is a quiet fellow who is one of the most easy-going people out there. He takes care of all the behind the scenes stuff, from printing products and shipping out orders, to customer and business outreach. Or as Kaitlin says “He’s the muscle”. If you have a question or concern he’s your guy! When he is not working on packaging orders, updating client info, or the website, you can find him flipping through the record shops to find some new vinyl for his ever growing music collection.


How It All Began 

From a young age Kaitlin was interested in creative pursuits.

Raised by her entrepreneurial grandfather, she was bound to create her own business! Kaitlin was able to follow her creative passions through school including, a Bachelors and Masters in Fine Arts. Through the years she explored many styles.

As she came out of her Masters program she was working on strange, dark and twisted work. While Kaitlin loved the challenge and the stories behind her art, she often stopped and thought how hanging this piece of artwork in someone’s home would make them feel. When the answer was dark and deep, she knew she was ready to explore a new path.

Kaitlin turned to Nathan and told him “I want to create art that makes people happy.”

She wanted to fill peoples lives with more light and laughter. At that point Nathan probably should have ditched and run, but the guy is a big sweetie and supported her creative shift.

Kaitlin saw the need for more than just happy artwork and wanted to add joy to everyday objects she interacted with.

Kaitlin and Nathan live in Western Washington, which can be pretty gloomy half the year. Surrounded by happy, colorful products, they make the dark days so much brighter. They are happy to be on a path committed to encourage meaningful friendships, self-expression and daily laughter.