Goodey Gal enjoying hot chocolate in badass mug by Goodey Studio

About Goodey Studio

With our fresh perspective on color, pattern and personality we are dedicated to creating gifts that fill you with joy and encourage your unique sense of style. We believe by adding color and pattern to everyday objects they have the power to emphasize life’s joys.

Artwork is hand painted by designer Kaitlin Goodey in her vibrant home studio.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage meaningful friendships, self-expression and daily laughter. The colorful, encouraging and quality gifts we create. The messages we share. The connections we build with you. At our core we just want to make you smile!


Goodey Gal Manifesto

  • Style is an outward expression of personality and passion.
  • Every day is reason enough to give a gift or throw a party.
  • Good friends make great memories and mimosas.
  • Patterns are meant to be mixed. Floral prints go with everything. The more colorful the better.
  • Vintage and Modern are not mutually exclusive.