A new year of Purpose and Passion!

A new year of Purpose and Passion!

Ok friend. Hold on tight with me here because I’m about to get serious, vulnerable, and downright honest about my 2018 Intentions of Purpose and Passion. Last year while working so hard on my business I lost touch with it. I was working on all the right things, doing the right things, saying the right things, but I was feeling all wrong. I didn’t feel the connection to my audience or to my work so I drifted away. I worked on other things and had fun but I kept coming back to Goodey Studio and wondering “What’s going on here? What am I doing? Where did my passion go?” I continued working in other art mediums, I talked business with artists and crafters, and I continued to explore what made me happy but as the New Year began I knew I needed to change things.


Some people set a word of the year, or create mantras. I’m calling mine ‘Intentions’ for the year. Purpose and Passion. This year will be a new adventure where I gut check any decisions by asking myself, “Does this help me fulfill my purpose or passion?”. I've added my intentions to both my new bullet journal and sketch book so I can be working them all year and come back to see how it's progressed. It's a work in progress. 


Goodey Studio Intensions purpose and passion


During my time of reflection, I realized I’ve been putting my love for teaching on the back burner. I’m quitting the excuses and I’m going to start creating art courses, blogging about different art mediums, and decorating tips. I actually decided to do my Master of Fine Arts just so that I could teach at universities, but I ended up going down a different path after graduation and I think I’m finally finding my way to teaching! I love sharing my knowledge with others so please feel free to tell me what you’d like me to teach about so I can add it to my list.



What I learned while I was drifting is that I need creative freedom. I’m not in a place where I can box myself in to say I work in this one medium and style. I’ve always been a lifelong learner and adventurer and that should apply to my work as well. So, going forward this year I will be painting in new styles while always staying true my love of bold colors and uplifting expression.


For those of you who follow me purely because you like my products, first off thank you, and secondly, don’t worry. I will still put out new products but I’m hoping to get more feedback from you. When you like something you see me make, tell me and if you want it on a mug or on a notebook. Let me know! I won’t always be able to do it but getting feedback like that helps me know what you like and need from me!


The phrase creative encourager keeps coming to mind. I think I’m here to encourage you to be creative with your life. Whether it’s through picking out an interesting gift, decorating with more color or trying your hand at art. I want to be here to help you follow your heart without hesitation. So I hope you join me on this year of exploring my purpose and passion!

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