8 Tips to be a Better Gift Giver

8 Tips to be a Better Gift Giver

Let’s make you a better gift giver by taking away the stress, and giving you an action plan that leaves you always prepared and by default making you the gift giving champion!

I know I’m taking a big risk even publishing this before Halloween, but the fact of the matter is being a better gift giver is a year round thing and I want you to be prepared. Birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby showers and any other occasion in which you utter the word congratulations is a reason to give a gift. I’d even challenge you to give someone a gift just because you feel like telling them they rock. Trust me, the surprise on their face will be totally worth it! Okay here we go.

1. Stop overthinking it.

Seriously. Stop killing yourself wondering what the PERFECT gift is. There isn’t one so give yourself a break and make gift giving a more enjoyable experience by letting go of high standards or expectations. A thoughtful gift decision will always be better than a desperate attempt.  You can still “win” at the gift giving game by following all the tips here without stressing out! I believe in you, I really do!

2. Start early.

I generally like to keep you from looking like a crazy frantic mess so my most important tip for better gift giving is to plan ahead! Create a Pinterest board called “Gifts for Her” or anything that fits the people in your life. For those close to you like a spouse or other family members, you could also keep notes in your phone of things they mentioned liking or ogled at while window shopping. That way when the time comes to find a gift for them, you already have a list to pick from. Starting early also gives you plenty of time to do some investigation if you don’t already have a list of ideas built for them. 

3. ASK.

Pretty straight forward right? Ask if they have a written or digital list going already. You can also give them a bit of time to put one together knowing that others will want to see it too! However, if you’d like to try and make it more of a surprise, then just turn to other friends and family for ideas. There’s nothing better than getting someone something they actually want!

4. Be a super sleuth.

We all like to snoop but in this case it’s totally acceptable! Social media is your friend here! Do they have Pinterest? If they do chances are they probably have a board titled “Wish list” or “My Style” these will give you straight forward ideas for gifts or at least a style preference. If they don’t have Pinterest spend a little time rifling through their Facebook, Instagram or any other social media for mentions of things they love or want. This includes looking for brands they follow because chances are if they want to hear from them on social media, they want their products.

5. Remember this gift isn’t for you.

Their favorite color may be yellow which you think is crazy but guess what? It isn’t for you! So remember while your taste is impeccable you’re not trying to impress yourself.  Choose what you think THEY will truly adore the most! In this rare case you don’t actually know better than them!

6. Practical is perfect.

While we tend to think the more fancy and expensive the gift is the better, but the truth is most people would prefer something practical that they will actually use. No one wants to have to go out of their way to use the gift or only get to use it on special occasions. They get far more appreciation out of something they get to use on the regular or improves their day to day. For the lady who takes charge in your life this gift could be a new planner, notepad, pen, mug or even motivational decoration. Those are practical, but supportive and fun gifts they can really use! Think about it this way, being thoughtful doesn’t have a price point! 

7. Gift wrap appropriately.

Now here’s one that’s a bit controversial, but my idea here is to manage the gift receiver’s expectations. I know you probably think the cuter the gift wrapping the better but you know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well that doesn’t apply here! A gift receiver’s first impression of the gift starts with the packaging and as I’ve learned in customer service, it’s always better to over deliver. So a more simple toned down gift wrap will make the gift seem even better in comparison. I mean honestly, gift wrapping gets torn away and while it’s pretty it doesn’t actually elevate whatever you’ve put inside it. However, if you know the gift is going to be a total show stopper or you can somehow match the wrapping to the gift, then by all means go for some crazy beautiful or fun wrapping. Just remember no one wants to find a subway gift card inside a tiffany box, that’s just mean! 

8. Don’t Forget a Card!

Ok you may think I’m being biased here but I’m not! Cards help show your intentions and make things personal. You know the saying “it’s the thought that counts”? Well writing a card expresses that thoughtfulness and it goes a LONG way! Find a card that fits the occasion and your relationship to each other and then write a heartfelt message inside. No that doesn’t mean it has to be mushy, but it does need to sound like only you could have written it!


Huzzah, now you are an all powerful gift giver! Go forth and spread your gift giving goodness!


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