DIY Watercolor Floral Painted Envelope

DIY Watercolor Floral Painted Envelope

For this months Gift Giving and Giving DIY I thought I would share how to paint a simple watercolor floral decoration for personalizing an envelope! Getting meaningful mail is always a happy surprise so lets make sure the second they open the mail box they know there is a beautiful meaningful piece of mail waiting for them rather than boring old bills and ads! So here we go!


All you need to get going is some watercolor paint (just two colors one for flowers and another for the vines and leaves), a smallish paint brush (I used a size 2 liner and 3 round brush), water and of course a greeting card and envelope. I suggest cutting a scrap piece of watercolor paper to slip into the envelope incase the watercolor tried to bleed through so you don't get that beautiful card messed up. Also try to use as little water as possible.

How to paint the flowers!

1. Paint five circles that connect and are approximately the same size, but there is no need to be perfect about it! Now repeat this several times to create a grouping of flowers.

2. Paint a thin wavy line to create your vine.

3. Draw two curved lines that connect to create small leaves. Alternate the leaves from side to side of the vine.

4. Draw a few extra leaves in empty spaces around the flowers. Do this sparingly. 

Now that you know the basics of how to draw this floral grouping you can play around with the layout however and where ever you want! Below in the time lapse video you can see how I go about it.


I usually start by placing my floral groupings around then I lay down the vines and leaves. One note about the vines. For the most part I start on one side and carry the direction of the vines in one direction all the way around a paper. I feel it gives things a sense of flow! Anyways, once the florals and vines are in place I add in the small leaves and try to stop before I've added too many!

Well now get to decorating some envelopes for some fantastic friends and family members! There is no better excuse to send a card to someone than to just want to spread some joy! Surprise mail is always the best in my opinion!

Please feel free to use this tutorial, but if sharing online please give me credit and on social media don't forget to use #GoodeyStudioDIY so I can like it and share it too!

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