Why and How I'm learning Calligraphy

Why and How I'm learning Calligraphy

practice makes perfect calligraphy quote

I love this quote and was able to trace it from part of the Scarlet and Gold calligraphy classes

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had pretty messy handwriting. I had “boy” handwriting, which never really bothered me too much except that I couldn’t make pretty drawings with it and I'd get in trouble for leaving important notes for my family that they couldn't read. So I moved on and did other art forms. However, since I started my greeting card line lettering is EVERYWHERE and a big part of my designs, and thus business! It felt weird trying to use a font someone else created for my cards. So I worked on using my own hand lettering, which was kind of a mind trip for me. This first round of cards features my handwriting that I digitally composed on my Wacom tablet. Sometimes I still get a little self conscious about if my handwriting is good enough for the cards but I press forward, because I know all I can do is make the best decisions possible for the business and own them. I am always working on improving my craft, so lettering is high up on the list of things to constantly improve upon! With that in mind I started looking into hand lettering and calligraphy tutorials and classes. I love the look of calligraphy for a more feminine touch and would love it add it to my art work.

 calligraphy practice

Practice practice practice! I've spent hours working on lowercase, uppercase and stringing words together!

I first turned to Skillshare which helped, but it didn’t quite click with my learning style or maybe it was just the wrong time. However, I had purchased some paper, nibs and a pen holder. So as I kept watching and following calligraphers on Instagram it kept the itch alive to learn how to do it, and finally the right opportunity fell into place. Scarlet and Gold were hosting free online webinars so I jumped on the opportunity as soon as I could. With the help of free printed guides and a very well broken down teaching method, I was happily surprised with how well I did so quickly! I couldn’t believe it!  I even jumped on buying their full classes that include lots of printables and video tutorials! They were terrific. However from everything I’ve seen I know that everyone has their own kind of font they use or create for their calligraphy. So experimenting with different styles is great! I downloaded a few of the example packs from The Postmans Knock and decided to buy the Kaitlin font. Not just because it’s my own name but because I liked the look and style of it.

 calligraphy supplies

This is everything I got for a calligraphy startup kit! Borden and Riley #37 visual bond paper (it's like a fancy tracing paper), Rhodia is great calligraphy paper, Nikko G nib, Zebra G nib, Brause Steno nib, a speedball set of nibs I wouldn't actually really recommend, Straight speedball holders, cork holder, Higgins Eternal Black Ink and of course a handy case for all the nibs and pen holders!

After practicing with both the Scarlet and Gold and The Postman's Knock several times I started forming my own alphabet and practicing my own writing and quotes. So now I am busy working on several new cards featuring my calligraphy paired with florals that will debut in July! I’m having so much fun with them and building this new skill I can’t wait to share the finished results with you!

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