Macaron Inspired Painting

Macaron Inspired Painting

Ever since I decided to turn my paintings into a stationery line, about 7 months ago, macarons magically started appearing everywhere! It started with the fashion bloggers and brands I followed, but then as I started following more lifestyle and business bloggers macarons were absolutely EVERYWHERE! Since then I have had a growing facination of macarons. They seem to come in every color imaginable paired with tasty flavors. You can buy them, make them, paint on them, dress them up for weddings or dress them down for kids parties, or simply devour them!

Within 5 minutes of this picture Nathan and I had devoured ALL of these! Thank you PCC for my tasty treats! (red-raspberry, white-almond, brown-chocolate, yellow-lemon and green was pistachio)

It's amazing how these little sweet confections have taken the fashion and design world by storm. I'm not the only one who seems so enamored with them!  Funny confession though, before writing this blog post I had never actually had one so it made a perfect excuse to finally splurge and get some! While I'm not sure why everyone else fell so in love with macarons, maybe it was the taste, visual appeal or just because they are popular, I'll support the habit! For me from the very get go it was a visual love affair!

Behind the Scenes at Bottega Louie with Style Me Pretty

 I mean come on look at this GORGEOUS light, bright and colorful display at Bottega Louie!

(Image courtesy of Style Me Pretty)

Macaron Styling

This feminine and gorgeous example of macarons used as styling props comes from the wonderful collaboration between B is for Bonnie Design and SC Stockshop!

They come in such beautifully vibrant colors that on their own or used as a styling prop they are sure to stand out and they ALWAYS look tasty! Something about the smooth dome of the fluffy cookie paired with the creamy looking filling always says "Yes Kaitlin, I am as good as I look!". So I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing macarons grace my Instagram and Pinterest feeds.

Gold Painted Macaron

If you didn't already know I have a weakness for just about anything gold so when I saw that Sugar and Cloth had painted macarons with edible gold I just about tried eating my screen!

 This is yet again another amazing creation by Sugar and Cloth! She actually has way more macaron projects than I have time to post so make sure to check them out! Time consuming yes, but what an amazing detail to add to any party!

The facination for how these sweet confections became so popular quickly turned into inspiration. Images of macarons have inspired interesting color palettes but most importantly it has inspired painting! I'm sharing some sneak peeks for now, but next week be sure to come back and snag yourself a free background for any and all your digital devices featuring delectable macarons!

watercolor macarons

It's official! After my taste testing today I love macarons! Sweet tasty morsels that basically melt in your mouth! But watch out after just three I was feeling the sugar rush! So what is about macarons that you like? Do you have a favorite flavor or shop to buy them from?

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