Organizing Art Studio Supplies and Ideas

Organizing Art Studio Supplies and Ideas

I love organizing things! I know, call me crazy but its kind of a cathartic cleaning of the space and mind. Everything in it's right place so I can find it when I need it! From art supplies to business ideas I like to apply organization tactics to keep me on track and from going bonkers when I can't find what I need or remember that a deadline for a project is in 24 hours! I'm like a raccoon. I get distracted by shiny things so figuring out how to keep myself focused and productive is really important to me. Get ready to brace yourself for the big reveal of the scene behind my bookcase doors!

Goodey Studio Book Shelf Organization 

I densely packed as much of my art supplies into this bookcase as I possibly could obviously! I also use labeled containers as much as possible!

Goodey Studio Bookcase Organization

I recently purged my bookcase of a ton of extra books and supplies that I really didn't need anymore, which of course opened up tons of room for new goodies!

Organizing the Visual Chaos

Visual space really effects my brain function and mood, so when designing my dream studio it was super important for me to get it under control! Knowing how many art supplies I have and will likely gain over time, I knew I needed doors for my bookcases when I bought them. Ikea thankfully made doors for my bookcase units where you could see just the top two shelves, which I loved so it could have some personality showing, but I could also hide the bulk of my art supply hoarding and visual chaos! Unlike many artists and creatives I don’t do well in an organized mess. When there are too many different colors and shapes etc. my eyes just can't focus. (You should have seen me trying to ring people up as a coffee house cashier, total mess) The solid block of color space that the doors provide gives my eyes and brain a break. Crazy messes do occur and can't be tamed while I am working, but before I begin a new project I always start with a cleaned up and cleared out space. I have to come at a new project with a fresh visual space, which meant creating an organized storage space for everything so that I could always clear my desk completely. Knowing how I work best and facilitating those needs not only improves how I feel when working, but I believe it effects the quality of work I am able to produce! I highly recommend putting effort and time into arranging your space so that it supports your work flow and output!

Goodey Studio Bookcase Organization

WooHoo!  Look how peaceful it looks all packed away behind those doors!

Organizing the Business Brain

In the top right corner of my pin board I keep a monthly calendar with all my deadlines and scheduled events usually surrounded by other to-do lists, ideas to work on, things to consider, and any other bits and bobs I find important to remember. This then leads me over to the white boards on the right! This is where I organize our to-do lists by category and priority for projects at hand. Nathan and I usually meet at least once a week (Monday) around this board to check things off, add new things and get a sense of where we are at with our business needs and what each of us needs to be working on. Between the pinned up calendar, sticky note lists, and dry erase board I am able to let go of stress in my mind to clear space for creativity. I don’t worry if I’ve forgotten something, because I know I’ve written it down somewhere and I often cross reference the multiple lists to make sure of this.

Goodey Studio Pin Board Organization

I give myself a 5 month calendar view since this is my big picture planning space! It helps keep me on track for new product releases, big projects and regular scheduling.

 I think creative brains are often cluttered with lists of things to do and ideas for even more things to do. I find writing them down and posting them in a visual space lets me know they are still there, but I don’t have to try to remember them! This is my “out of mind, but still in sight” method! I think it’s really important to find a system of organizing things that works for your brains unique way of processing things, but that also enables you to work with less stress. It’s taken me a while to really hone what that looks like for me, but this system currently has my husband and I working at our best!

Goodey Studio DIY Pinboard

My giant DIY pinboard is one of my favorite things in my studio. I'm able to pin up art that inspires me, interesting products and images to create mood boards or examples of things I'd like to try! Since I'm a visual person keeping all these things front and center is really important. I love Pinterest and use it A LOT, but I still need to physically keep things in front of me or I am liable to forget about it!

How do you keep yourself organized both physically and mentally?

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