Life Flashes By!

Well a lot has happened in the last month since I got back from Surtex and it really has flown by in the blink of an eye!  It's crazy how every year seems to go by faster than the last one!  Is it all the responsibilities I have now?  I'll give a few away if it means things will just slow down.  Who am I kidding, I can't give any part of my life up!  So lets recap and see whats happened in the last month or so.

Stunningly Strange Gallery Edmonds Washington

We painted the outside of the gallery (finally) our classic peacock blue with the accent yellow.  We still need to paint the door... someday!

Broken sign

Plus that lovely blue sign was vandalized by some unknown hoodlums! 

Roche Harbor, San Juan Island Vacation

We went on a lovely mini vacation for Nathan's Birthday and my sanity!

San Juan Island Vacation

Not a vacation to hot sandy beaches, but all the same San Juan is a great near by vacation spot!

Home Studio water leak

Then my home studio sprung a pretty major leak!  We've plugged the leak but I'm still waiting for the walls to be put back in place and to move all my stuff back in.  For now I'm camped out in various parts of the house depending on what I'm working on!

Goodey Gal Sailor Girl by Stunningly Strange

I've been doing a LOT of sketching which you can see via Instagram!  I've even started painting for my upcoming solo show at Stunningly Strange Gallery in July, but I'll leave that for another blog post!

goodey gal, beach relaxing by Stunningly Strange

Dreaming of more vacations! Maybe a hot sandy beach one next time!

Stunningly Strange at Fremont Fair

Plus now that summer has arrived we are in the thick of craft show season!

Have you done anything exciting lately?